Affiliate marketing great for passive income.

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

  1. Create Facebook page: You fb page could be your easy earning source. Lets take example.. You create fb page which giving review about best mobile phones launched recently. So first, give honest review and gain more like and followers. After increase more like and followers, just put affiliate link with your review post. Thats simple.

  2. Share your Products: Are you shocking to see this point. Yes, i am telling you to share your products. Lets discuss.. You buy a phone from flipkart or amazon and that is really good phone. So, create affiliate link of this products and share Your review with your whats app friends and facebook friends. If your review is really good that link can be share more with others friends. So easy it is.

  3. Telegram : create Telegram channel and gain subscribers and share Your affiliate link at your channel. But Which channel you will create.. You can create movie channel or song channel. Every day provide song or movie with your subscribers and give more value. Like provide good quality movie. By doing this, you will gain more subscribers. And you will earn more also.

Conclusion : I told you 3 steps. But by doing those steps you can't get Organic traffic that sent by google. For this, you have to create website. Website give you professional look and generate more income easily. You can try google blogger which is free. So, for that you need to know about SEO, KEYWORD RESEARCH also. CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE FOR THE BEST AFFILIATE PROGRAMS FOR 2020.

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