How to make money with Adzooma partner program.

In my previous blog i discussed Adzooma and what it can do for you, now i will introduce you to their partner program and how you can earn money promoting their services.

When i first started out with affiliate marketing i thought that all i needed was organic traffic to promote the services of companies i was affiliated with, but soon i realized that with organic traffic alone the audience you reach are very limited, and that means less conversions. I needed to reach a larger audience or potential clients for higher conversion rates so i explored paid traffic. By running advertising campaigns and this is where Adzooma proved to be the best tool for the job.


To start with Adzooma parter program you have to join . Once aproved you have the option to promote Adzooma, here is some good reasons to become an Adzooma partner:

All you have to do is refer people and there are so many ways you can do that, simply start running ad campaigns with Adzooma platform. Connect your facebook, google and microsoft campaigns, Manage all your campaigns from Adzooma saves you time and money. Adzooma will provide you with al the resources and support you need to get referrals fast.

Adzooma even inspires you to become more creative with your marketing content, Adzooma give you extra money if you complete tasks like writing a review blog and more. You get paid on approval of your article.


From my personnel experience finding companies with a good reputation and earning potential is not always as easy as it sounds, or as glamorous as they make it on YouTube or social media. There are some dodgy companies running scams, all i am saying is be careful there are companies you can partner with . Not only does Adzooma offer great earning potential it also has a great reputation,and how do i know that?

In early 2019, Google invited Adzooma to join the Accelerator Program enabling Adzooma to advance their opportunity engine, automation and custom reporting. And it’s taken them to a whole new level. Join now if you want to be part of a winning team and make more money in the process. If you like to learn more about Adzooma affiliate program please leave a comment and i will get back to you.

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