What you focus on expands, if you focus on "naysayers" then you will see lots of broke and unhappy people giving advice which they should, in reality, not be giving.

85% of people are ONLY product users (almost everyone in the known world has Tupperware in their kitchen as an example, but it does not mean they are "involved" in the business. They just like the product and keep it to themselves that they are using it, as an example.

Now, +- 10% of people tell a friend or two and receive a bit of commission, yet they personally still keep consuming the product/service repeatedly and end up paying out of their pocket more than they earn in commission, ultimately they spend money every month/or whenever, and the little bit of commission earned will not make them rich and cover all their following purchases, obviously. A consumer keeps purchasing the product until he/she is no longer finding benefit from it. Some "naysayers" about the Network marketing industry will put these people in the "lose money" category, which is pretty stupid actually, because they are just consumers anyway, just as they would be "consumers" at any other conventional business. Still better than just going into a Store and buying something off the shelf where ZERO commission is earned, at least these individuals have the opportunity to make a commission if and when they want to.

Now, the remaining -+ 5% are the ones who share with more people, instead of just a friend or two, they speak to as many as they can, then as they find more people who want to consume the product, they make more commission, the more commission they make, the more their own consumption of product gets covered, if they continue sharing, learn the system, they eventually completely cover their own outlay for personal consumption and ultimately start making a profit, if they really apply themselves and follow the proven system provided, and treat it like a business, they become wealthy.

The business and concept is extremely simple and I believe that if I can do it, then ANYBODY can, with the right commitment, determination and acquiring the right skills.

So here is what you can do.

  1. Find a product or service that interests you, that you would like to try, hey, even have in the back of your mind that there may be others that would like it too, maybe.......but don't concern yourself with that at the moment.

  2. Try the product yourself, get it into your body (if it is health related), feel and experience its results, take advantage of the 30 day unconditional refund guarantee (if you have chosen the right company) and if you are not happy, send it back - view it as "nothing ventured, nothing gained"

  3. Now, if you tried the products and are blown away by your results and you are a walking example to others, more than likely people will ask you: What you have done different, you look different? At this point you could say "just eating clean" (then consider yourself welcome in the 85%)

  4. OR, you could say: "You know what, I feel different too, I feel great, it is because I am on this wonderful nutritional cleanse program and it has worked wonders, would you like me to tell you more about it?" Carry on like this, and a few conversations later, you have helped someone else benefit too, and another possibly (at this point consider yourself welcome in the 10%, as a product sharer, earning a bit of commission)

  5. So now you have helped 2 or 3 people, earned a bit of commission and realize the impact you can have, because you have made a difference in 2 or 3 people's lives you think to yourself, you know what, this is a good thing, these products are amazing, this Company is amazing, i'm going to go out there and intentionally help as many people as I can, I am going to find out all the information I need to help me share these products effectively, I am going to attend the Company events and I am going to reach out to the Leaders in the Company to help me on my journey - I will dedicate 2 hours a day, in whatever intervals I can, to really understand more about the company and its products, I will listen to Podcasts during my commute, I will restrict all TV time and use that time more wisely, I will call up everyone I know who would enjoy the solutions these products provide, I AM COMMITTED to making this work and earn a good source of income from doing so, because I can see what is possible! Your mindset is now on the path of success and mentally, you have entered the top tier of Civilization, the tier that has determination and purpose. With a bit of time and many more conversations with people, you have helped not 2 or 3 people, but 10, 20 and you are just getting started! (at this point, consider yourself welcome in the 5%, as a business builder and life transformer, earning uncapped income, well on your way to complete financial freedom as a professional network marketer!)

So, if you get this, and understand that there is absolutely ZERO reason to doubt the industry - you will know what to do!

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