Updated: Sep 22, 2020

How to become a SEMrush affiliate? Follow these steps.

Are you looking to become an affiliate for one of the top-rated tools by digital marketing experts? Then you’re a perfect fit for the SEMrush Affiliate Program through our affiliate platform  1. Sign up for free in less than 1 minute Enjoy our simple and fast pre-approval system. Once registered, you can access all program resources and features.  Don’t forget to leave a link to where you’ll be promoting SEMrush (eg, site, social networks, blog, channel, etc) or simply share a brief overview of your promo plans in the last field Link to your resource of the registration form. 2. Choose your promo material  Go to the promo materials section and choose between links, banners, eBooks, widgets and evergreen campaigns. These promo materials lead to the SEMrush tools, toolkits, landing pages with 7-day trials, and the SEMrush internal resources.  All promo materials already include your unique Ref ID, which is the most important part of any affiliate link. Please do not manually modify links from the promo materials section provided by the SEMrush Affiliate Program. Manually modified links are not guaranteed to track referrals properly. Links The “Links” tab includes SEMrush landing pages with 7-day trials, links to the SEMrush tools and toolkits, as well as links to the internal SEMrush resources such as Academy, Blog, and Knowledge Base. Click on the chosen link’s preview to access the popup with the settings option and your unique referral link. You can use the “Settings” option to choose a language, customize the name of the link, pick a preferred target and insert a referral source. After configuring your link, simply click on the green button “Copy code” to then paste it on whatever sources you need.  Banners You can click on the banner you’d like to promote and choose a language, size, color, a target, and the referral source. After configuring the banner’s link, simply click on the “Copy code” button and place your banner on any resource needed.  eBooks In the eBooks tab, you can choose an eBook/report you’d like to advertise. Choose between nine reports and industry studies and configure your link in a popup window. Settings that are currently available include a language choice, link name configuration, and the referral source setup. Widgets Our 6 exclusive widgets are also available for customization. Whatever widget you choose, you can customize it for yourself in a popup window after clicking on the preview. You’ll be able to choose a language, color, target, and referral source. Press the “Copy code” button and the unique link is ready to be placed on your resource.  Tip: You can also link to any page on the SEMrush website by adding /?ref=ID at the end of the link, where ID is your personal reference number. For example, your reference number is 0123456789, then your basic affiliate link is If you want to be sure that all works properly you can send us the link for checking before sharing it. 3. Place your link and start earning Place the chosen link, banner, eBook or a widget on your site, article, or run a new campaign if you are a paid traffic guru.  FAQ Where can I find my Ref ID?  You can find your REF ID in the top right corner of your BeRush profile. You will be able to see it on each section and page of the BeRush website after you signed in.  Where can I find my affiliate link?  On the Promo materials section, you will find pre-designed banners; landing pages; widgets; and special offers, which already include your REF ID. So all you have to do is to choose a promo that suits your target audience the most, simply copy the code and share/paste it for your promotional activities. Why become a SEMrush affiliate?  When you join the BeRush program, you become a part of our community. And when you’re part of our community, we’re here to support you because we know that when you succeed, we do too!  You can rely on us for:

  • Marketing support including banners, links, eBooks, widgets and evergreen campaigns; 

  • Regular monetary Incentives to achieve great results; 

  • Unique ideas and inside campaigns to promote SEMrush; 

  • Educational webinars, articles and interviews so you can learn about marketing topics that you want to know more about and from industry leaders because you’re one of our partners.

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