SEMrush Affiliate Program

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is an online visibility management platform ensuring businesses get measurable results from online marketing. Trusted by over 6,000,000 marketers worldwide, with 45+ tools and seamless integration with Google and task management platforms, SEMrush offers solutions for SEO, PPC, content, social media and competitive research.

What is SEMrush Afiliate Program and how does it work?

As a member of the SEMrush Affiliate Program, you earn $200 for every SEMrush subscription sale and $10 for every new lead. This means that when your referral purchases a SEMrush subscription directly from the SEMrush website - a Pro, Guru or Business subscription, either monthly or annual - you will get an affiliate commission for it. You will also earn $10 from every new trial activation. Commissions are flat, so you will be earning a monthly/annual commission once.

Here are the real numbers as an example: for a user's monthly Pro ($99.95), Guru ($199.95), or Business ($399.95) subscription, an affiliate’s commission will be $200, plus your $10 from the trial activation. The same calculation method is applied to affiliate commissions for annual subscriptions.

Who can become a SEMrush Affiliate?

Content Publishers Create content on your platform with your refcoded links & widgets to earn with the SEMrush Affiliate Program.

Data integrators

Use the SEMrush API to earn.

Speakers Use your unique refcoded links & promo codes to earn

Paid search enthusiasts

Run campaigns with our pre-designed banners and landing pages to earn


Manage your clients with SEMrush or use an exclusive workflow to earn.

All-around marketing geniuses

Access various resources to promote SEMrush and to earn.

Should you Join through Berush or ShareAsale?

ShareASale is the affiliate marketing network, where you can promote SEMrush and earn $200 for every SEMrush subscription sale and $10 for every new lead (trial).

Based on the feedback of our affiliates, our BeRush program

with the first-click attribution model was not the ideal model for most of our affiliates and not up to industry standards. That’s why we decided to introduce a new program on ShareASale, and offer a program with last-click attribution to reward you for the immediate impact you have on a customer’s decision to buy SEMrush.

BeRush is now an invite-only program. Join our new program now and earn $200 per sale. If you joined BeRush before 1st October, you can log in as usual. Your existing and any new BeRush re-bills will remain and you will continue to earn from your sales.

How do i Promote SEMrush? In your affiliate profile on ShareASale, you’ll find unique affiliate links and banners to promote SEMrush. You can share the promo in blog posts, via e-mail, post videos or promote SEMrush through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. We have affiliates from all over the world and most of them sell our services across the globe.

Please note that you are obliged to put an affiliate disclosure on each page containing SEMrush affiliate links. The disclosure must comply with the FTC requirements.

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