What is this huge fuzz about clickbank and what exactly is clickbank?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

I hope this article solves some of the mystery.

ClickBank is one of affiliate marketing networks like Amazon that link several products owners and publishers. It is the United States (US) based company that founded in the year 1998. From then they are being such a popular and competitive affiliate marketer.

ClickBank allows their users to sell their own products from various categories.

ClickBank is being an intermediator between affiliates and product owners where both wanted to make money. Product owners can advertise their products on ClickBank mentioning with the unique features and commission rate. Affiliates select a product based on the authority and commission rate that meets their requirements. Then they start marketing or promoting in their own way.

ClickBank Benefits

ClickBank benefits both product owners and affiliates in an easy way.

Benefits of Product owners

Advertising products on ClickBank will be a great choice when you start your online sale or business. You can try to promote all your products yourself but it takes so much time and need patience and somewhat it is difficult too. But, in ClickBank, there are lot affiliates who will promote your product and increase your sales, you will start earning quickly and your brand gets recognized easily.

ClickBank has plenty of affiliates to help your online business and so it is ideal.

Using ClickBank for promoting your product is easy and need simple steps to do. As a product owner to sell your product on ClickBank, all you need is a vendor account. You have to set up an account and fix the product price. After approval, ClickBank will provide you the special code for product sale link or button which you will put on your website.

All the transactions made via ClickBank so you no need to worry about doing them yourself.

ClickBank's referral program scheme offers more money for their vendors. For this offer, you need to convince another merchant to create an account and sell their products on ClickBank. You will get 22% of their sign-up fee as compensation. You also receive a small percentage from the sale of their every product using the service.

Benefits of Affiliates

Clickbank is also suitable for affiliates who need to earn more. Sign up is free for affiliates and you have lots of products to earn money.

Making money with ClickBank is highly possible and easy when you are a skilled promoter. ClickBank vendors fix their commission rate between 1 % 75 %, so you should know how to select the vendor and how much commission rate is reasonable to you. This will avoid spending time on promoting a bad vendor or poor quality product.

If you are completely relying on ClickBank affiliate then you should find the correct niche. You should have a full understanding of the product you are going to promote.

ClickBank has categorized their product in a detailed way so it will not difficult to choose the product to promote. You will get complete details about the product features and about the vendors.

You may need the patience to get your first payment, afterward, you won't go back. ClickBank checks whether you are genuine and not buying products yourself that you are promoting. For that, they monetize the first five sales of the product and ensure that all are from different credit cards before paying you.

However, once you proved as a genuine seller or affiliates getting paid from ClickBank are stress less.

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