Updated: Oct 13, 2020

1. Free webinars help win clients’ trust. Webinars allow you to showcase yourself and your company not just as a service provider, but more as a partner. You engage in a dialogue, answer customer questions and share knowledge – basically, you cultivate relationships, which leads to the second point.

2. Webinars help get more leads. It always feels safer to make deals with someone you know. In addition, the more webinars you hold, the better you understand your clients, which makes it easier for you to build an effective content strategy.

3. Webinars help present complex products. It is hard to promote programs, medical equipment, marketing, and SEO software with a single announcement or even a good website description. Imagine that you need to sell a programming product. Let’s assume you already have a potential buyer who, however, doesn’t quite understand how to use your product.

4. Free webinars help make new contacts. Webinar registration is one of the most effective tools if you want to get new contacts. In Adobe report, marketing experts claim that webinars are the third most effective method of marketing tactics.

5. Webinars help you create unique video content. You can make a webinar recording and after that upload it to your YouTube channel, without much effort on your part. With a little bit of editing, your webinar recording is sure to turn into an amazing video.

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